World’s smallest pumpkin patch at LEGOLAND Windsor

The LEGOLAND Windsor Resort are preparing for the upcoming Brick and Treat week that ties in with Halloween. To get into the spirit, artist Hedley Wiggan has carved over 200 3cm pumpkins with spooky designs to be situated in Miniland. Over 60 hours, Hedley carved LEGO minifigure faces into the pumpkins before they were added to a special scene built by LEGOLAND model makers.

The LEGOLAND Windsor Resort shared the following comments:

“As I loved Halloween as a child I was excited to be part of this project. It brought back many happy memories, I hope guests have as much fun looking at the pumpkins, as I did creating them”, commented artist Hedley Wiggan. It was particularly hard working on the finer details of the pumpkins – there’s a science involved in understanding any material you work with but once I got to grips with it the fun began.”

World's smallest pumpkin patch featuring miniature carvings pops up in Miniland at the LEGOLAND Windsor Resort.

“It’s astonishing that Hedley has managed to create such tiny carved pumpkins”, said Senior PR Manager Lauren Moss. “They are perfectly in scale with Miniland and we look forward to giving our guests a big surprise on a very small scale when they visit the Resort for Brick or Treat.”

The world’s smallest pumpkin patch will be in Miniland as part of the Brick or Treat season at the LEGOLAND Windsor Resort from Monday 17 October until Saturday 5 November.



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