Write a new chapter with the LEGO Ideas 21327 Typewriter designer video

The designer video for the latest LEGO Ideas set has been released, taking us behind the keys and exploring the internal mechanisms of the new and nostalgic model.

LEGO designers Wes Talbott and James May are on hand to take builders behind the scenes of the new LEGO Ideas set as 21327 Typewriter is explored with tales of how it came to be, the stages of development for the many mechanisms and more.

Some prototype models of the internal workings of 21327 Typewriter are shown off with the unique functions arguably being the main draw of the set. One can be seen being demonstrated by Wes whilst many more are shown on top of the drawers in the background. It seems that this model was particularly challenging for the designers to get right.

“It’s quite tricky to combine Technic with System so there’s a lot of funky little ways that we have to build the Technic bits as a chunk, then find a way to fit it into this System shell around it,” said LEGO designer Wes Talbott. “In addition to that, there are all sorts of different directions to get the right shape of the typewriter, so it was a really fun challenge getting it to be as functional as possible but still have that iconic shape.”


You can pick up 21327 Typewriter, as long as it’s your type of set, from June 16th for VIP members or July 1 for everyone. Head here to explore a thorough gallery of images and here to see why it might not be all good news for modular building collectors.

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