The six largest LEGO Ideas sets

LEGO Ideas is home to some of the most unique, and biggest sets. But which of their extensive catalogue reigns supreme when it comes to size and topics do they cover?

From mechanical robots to callbacks to classic themes, LEGO Ideas has become a fan-favourite amongst the LEGO Group’s range of categorised sets. From recognisable licenses to ingenious functioning builds, there have been some huge and undoubtedly impressive sets from the theme.

With the release of 21327 Typewriter around the corner, we thought it best to update the rankings for the biggest LEGO Ideas sets, so here are the models that made the cut:

6 – 21327 Typewriter

As the latest addition to the LEGO Ideas roster, 21327 Typewriter depicts an accurate, life-sized and working build of a 20th-century typewriter.

At 2,079 pieces, this new set would make an eye-catching display for any writer, and it even comes with a signed letter from the CEO of the LEGO Group, Thomas Kirk Kristiansen.

5 – 21325 Medieval Blacksmith

21325 Medieval Blacksmith clocks in at 2,164 bricks, and includes four exclusive minifigures. Classic LEGO Castle fans will no doubt have this set in mind as a tribute to the theme with everything from a light-up forge to the return of the Black Falcons.

As discussed in our review, it’s the biggest LEGO Castle set despite not being one of the iconic fortresses and offers a slice of the medieval world for any budding blacksmiths.

4 – 21311 Voltron

21311 Voltron is the oldest set on this list with a release in 2018. At 2,321 pieces this model includes the five iconic lions that form the gigantic titular mech.

Whilst the LEGO Ideas model has now been retired from the official online store, you can learn how to build a much smaller version with our free instructions.

3 – 21322 Pirates of Barracuda Bay

What more can we say about 21322 Pirates of Barracuda Bay? this popular set calls back to the swashbuckling days of LEGO Pirates and, as you can see in our review, includes a remake of a beloved model, and another fan-favourite build.

With 10 included minifigures referencing the iconic crew of LEGO Pirates and multiple Easter eggs to be found across the build, 21322 Pirates of Barracuda bay is a must-have for sailors of the seven seas.

2 – 21318 Tree House

Is 10281 Bonsai Tree not a big enough botanical build for you? Then leaf it to 21318 Tree House to provide a natural build for any time of year.

Four minifigures populate the tree house made up of 3,306 pieces and alongside the main tree, a base with a running river and picnic bench is included. However, a good number of the extra pieces come from some additional leaves themed to Autumn and fall that can be attached in place of the greener foliage.

1 – 21323 Grand Piano

Much like 21327 Typewriter, a replica of a real-world object wraps up the list, but admittedly this one isn’t quite life-size. However, it still manages to function all the same.

21323 Grand Piano is the largest LEGO Ideas set at 3,662 pieces with a huge, but stil miniature piano and adjustable stool included. You can see how the set works in our review, but a recently updated app allows the model to actually play sound.

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