21322 Pirates of Barracuda Bay, 75288 AT-AT and more sell out at LEGO.com

Even more LEGO sets have sold out from LEGO.com, including 21322 Pirates of Barracuda Bay, 75288 AT-AT and 75810 The Upside Down.

The LEGO Group’s stock levels are taking hit after hit in the run-up to Christmas – a problem no doubt exacerbated by the one-two punch of VIP Weekend and Black Friday/Cyber Monday. The end result is that the company’s larger sets are now proving incredibly difficult to come by.

That’s bad news when so many of its best sets occupy those higher price points. Just check out the Brick Fanatics Top 20 LEGO Sets List, which catalogues the best LEGO sets currently available. Somewhat ironically, the majority of those sets actually aren’t available right now, but instead can be backordered for some distant future delivery.

Two days ago, enormous sets including 71043 Hogwarts Castle and 76139 1989 Batmobile sold out at LEGO.com. Now, LEGO Ideas, Star Wars and Stranger Things are the latest themes to have sets drop out of the Top 20 after shifting to ‘temporarily out of stock’ status.

The ‘notice something missing?’ section at the end of our list has consequently grown considerably over the past few days, and now encompasses an unbelievable number of sets. Basically, don’t expect to find 75192 Millennium Falcon under the tree this year.

Fortunately, LEGO.com still has a number of other large sets available, or – at least – on backorder status, meaning the free 40416 Ice Skating rink with orders over £150 / $150 isn’t entirely redundant. There are also double VIP points available on 60262 Passenger Airplane and 10933 Tower Crane & Construction.

If you are desperate for a LEGO pirate ship or big grey walker, though, sign up to Brick Fanatics’ LEGO Stock Alerts and we’ll notify you when they’re back in stock.

To support the work of Brick Fanatics, please buy your LEGO sets from LEGO.com using our affiliate links.

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