Andor might be about to resurrect a LEGO Star Wars set we’ve all forgotten exists

The latest episode of Star Wars: Andor includes a ship we’ve only seen once before on screen – and might give a long-forgotten LEGO Star Wars set a new lease of life.

Andor’s worldbuilding is immense for a show set in such a well-trodden part of Star Wars history, covering the birth of the rebellion for what feels like the hundredth time across games, comics, books, and now a TV show. To its credit, it’s so far mostly resisted that seemingly ever-present urge to rely on nostalgia to pull in viewers, refusing to even show us a Stormtrooper for the first half of the season.

It’s now slowly starting to tug at threads connecting it to the wider Star Wars universe, however, if not through its narrative and themes – which are decidedly more adult than anything else in this franchise – then through its iconography, characters and ships. As much is true of the series’ latest episode, Daughter of Ferrix.

Spoilers follow for Star Wars: Andor, up to and including Episode 11.

As the episode opens, we catch up with Cassian Andor and Ruescott Melshi post-prison breakout (we may never know what happened to Kino – RIP another Andy Serkis Star Wars character?), who are trying to find a way off-planet. They stumble upon a couple of locals hanging around a lake, and decide it would be a great idea to make off with their ship. But not just any ship.

Star Wars Andor Episode 11 Daughter of Ferrix Quadjumper
Image: Disney

Recognise it? If not, you presumably blinked at a not-so-crucial moment in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, when Rey and Finn are attempting to escape First Order pursuers on Jakku. Determined not to fly the ‘garbage’ (the Millennium Falcon), they flee in the direction of a ship with four engines, known as – wait for it – a Quadjumper. Until it gets blown up, at which point the garbage will do.

It was genuinely a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it appearance in Episode VII, which meant it was perfect grounds for a LEGO Star Wars set in 2017. 75178 Jakku Quadjumper released to minimal fanfare and has since been consigned to the barrel of LEGO Star Wars sets most of us have difficulty remembering exist, alongside 75018 JEK-14’s Stealth Starfighter and 75204 Sandspeeder.

LEGO Star Wars 75178 Jakku Quadjumper

But now it’s back, and with considerably more screentime, in Star Wars: Andor. It doesn’t share the same colour scheme as the original LEGO set, and that model obviously doesn’t include relevant minifigures from the TV series, but even just those few extra seconds of exposure could give it the boost it needs on the aftermarket. (You can still bag it brand new for roughly RRP.)

Or the LEGO Group could take the opportunity to release a brand new Quadjumper. Because if there’s one ship from Star Wars: Andor crying out for a LEGO set, it’s that one. (You got us – it’s Luthen’s ship. Luthen’s ship should be a set.)

If you want a more immediate LEGO Star Wars: Andor fix, 75338 Ambush on Ferrix is available now. Check out our review here.

Featured image: Disney

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