Another LEGO Adidas product has been revealed

The LEGO Group’s partnership with Adidas is continuing with another product that features an eye-catching twist.

The LEGO x Adidas collaboration has produced a number of colourful items from the original trainers the newest range of clothing. However, one more item as part of the range has been spotted on the US online LEGO store, in what might be the most unique of the partnership’s designs.

The new bottle, which can only be found on the US version of has no visible Adidas logo but is still listed as a product under the brand’s name. Perhaps the most prominent part of the product is the wide eyes that feature on the design, staring in two separate directions. As is to be expected with most water bottles, it features a twist cap that can be removed to refill with 0.5 litres of the liquid of your choice.

The LEGO Group lists the item as being perfect for the playground, but it should work just as well if older fans are wanting to take this into a gym, or other location, if nothing else to act as a conversation starter. The bottle will cost fans $10.


The bottle seems to be exclusive to the US but might make its way to other regions in time. For now, it certainly sticks out among the rest of the LEGO x Adidas range, which was recently revealed to be expanding with a new line of trainers.

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