LEGO Bits N’ Bricks podcast explores inner workings of Light Brick Studio

Episode 31 of the official LEGO Games podcast is here as the Bits N’ Bricks team steps inside the process of development at Light Brick Studio.

The next instalment of the LEGO Bits N’ Bricks podcast has arrived, shifting the focus from games themselves to the team behind one of the most recent mobile LEGO titles – Light Brick Studio.

You can listen to the full episode for yourself below with hosts Ethan Vincent and Brian Crecente joined by CEO and Creative Director at Light Brick Studio, Karsten Lund as well as various other members of the development team. There’s even a tease for how their next game is coming along.

The episode explores much of the daily life at Light Brick Studios, including how much playtesting needs to be done. It’s that schedule that saw Builder’s Journey release and is helping the development of upcoming additions for the game.


“We test every week, and that’s a lot. It also takes a lot of effort to make that happen,” said Karsten Lund “It’s something we insist on – That we sort of have the audience as a member of the group and see what they do with the game.”

A full transcript as well as a shorter summary of the latest episode is also available. As for the studio’s next project, even the codename cannot be revealed quite yet as it will apparently unveil too much.

We’ll let you know as soon as we know more about Light Brick Studio’s next brick-based project. Otherwise, Builder’s Journey is out now on PC and Apple Arcade and more instalments of Bits N’ Bricks are ready to be listened to, including one themed to LEGO BIONICLE.

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