Black Adam has done extremely well in its opening weekend

Black Adam – the latest DC Comics superhero movie – has grossed an estimated $67 million in the US this weekend, suggesting healthy interest in an accompanying LEGO set. 

Starring Dwayne Johnson in the lead role, Black Adam tells the story of an ancient, murderous anti-hero awakened in the present day. The film has a 12A rating within the UK, which the film is (according to some reviews) testing with excessive violence. However, that violence  – and mixed critical reception – hasn’t stopped the film from climbing to the top of the US weekend box office, and winning a 90% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Is this why we haven’t had any LEGO DC Black Adam sets?
The official trailer for DC Comics’ upcoming Black Adam drops

According to Deadline (which provides the $67 million figure) Black Adam’s success makes the film Dwayne Johnson’s best domestic box office start as a solo star. As such, it seems likely that this version of Black Adam will return – and face off against other characters in the DC Extended Universe.


Does this mean that Black Adam could join the illustrious LEGO DC product line? Nothing has been announced yet by the LEGO Group, but the success of the film indicates that a LEGO Black Adam would certainly be appealing – even if its violence may limit the character’s appearance in LEGO form. It isn’t the first time the LEGO Group has been slow off the starting block, as the Marvel and Avatar themes make clear. Of course, the popularity of those properties was difficult to predict – which, combined with the contraction of the LEGO DC theme, makes an absence of LEGO Black Adam understandable.

In any case, if the DC Extended Universe gets back on its feet in the years ahead it could offer LEGO sets inspired by older properties – just as the LEGO Marvel theme has in recent years. The events of Black Adam are certainly toyetic enough to justify such a move, so with luck we’ll have a rival for our Shazam minifigures in the future.

Black Adam is now showing in cinemas worldwide. If you’re interested in the LEGO DC line, a small selection is now available at – and Shazam minifigures are relatively easy to find on BrickLink. Be prepared to pay a little more than usual for a minifigure, however.

(Header image: DC)

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