BrickLink AFOL Designer Program enters production phase

The initial crowdfunding stage of BrickLink’s AFOL Designer Program has wrapped, and sets are now in production.

In total, 11,485 people backed the finalists, with 13 of the 16 projects reaching their funding goals. Unfortunately, NewEletia45’s Clovershire Castlejanyap’s Viking Ship 3D Mosaic and dbodky’s Poseidonia didn’t reach their funding goals, and won’t be produced as sets.

The other 13 models all exceeded their funding goals, and have since gone into production. BrickLink is currently finalising the packaging and instructions for each of the sets, before shipping begins next month.

“We have designed a tight production schedule wherein each design is produced and packed in batches,” BrickLink’s latest update reads. “This means that you might receive some designs before others, but don’t worry, the shipping for pre-orders is still free.”

The community’s response to the AFOL Designer Program was apparently “overwhelming”, meaning production is slightly delayed. Once the sets are ready, BrickLink is planning to ship them out in the order in which they were paid.

If you backed any of the 13 successful sets, keep an eye out for a shipping confirmation email over the next few weeks. And if you missed the boat on pre-orders, don’t worry: the sets will all become available to purchase on April 22, just with shipping fees included this time.

The one set you won’t be able to order, however, is Raziel_Regulus’s Löwenstein Castle (pictured above), which has already sold out.

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