LEGO BrickLink Designer Program Round 2 box art revealed


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Group has revealed the box

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for all five sets in the second round of the BrickLink Designer Program, which will begin shipping very soon.

As per each and every round in the BrickLink Designer Program – launched to give rejected

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Ideas projects a second chance – only the first five sets to reach 3,000 backers in Round 2 have gone into production. Among those are 910003 Mountain Windmill, 910009 Modular , 910013 Retro Bowling Alley, 910015 Clockwork Aquarium and 910023 Venetian Houses.

All five of those sets had a hard limit of 10,000 units each, but only two – Krisnow’s Modular LEGO Store and BlackQubit’s Venetian Houses – actually reached that total. The rest were available for the entire crowdfunding period (in contrast to the third round’s sets, all of which sold out almost immediately), but are no longer available to purchase through official channels.

The shipping window for these sets was originally listed as the third quarter of 2022, which kicks off on Friday, and the LEGO Group has now published box images for all five LEGO Ideas 10K projects through the Building Instructions app.

In line with the packaging for the first batch of builds, the BrickLink Designer Program Round 2 sets will all come in clean, white boxes, branded with the BrickLink logo on the front and carrying the LEGO logo on the side. Perhaps the most interesting from this cohort is the box for 910015 Clockwork Aquarium, which trumpets the model’s 4-in-1 design.

If you missed out on any or all of these sets during the initial crowdfunding phase in December 2021, your only recourse now is to turn to the secondary market. The same rings true for the sets in the third round of crowdfunding, all of which will begin shipping in spring 2023, and are already commanding high prices on the aftermarket.

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