When will the Build Together experience be compatible with more LEGO sets?

Although technically still in its beta state, when will the recently-released Build Together experience be compatible with more than six LEGO sets?

In early December the LEGO Group unveiled a new experience as part of its LEGO Life app called Build Together. The feature was intended to encourage social and co-operative play between family members and friends in the same room. By scanning QR codes on certain compatible sets, users could work together to build models, with completed sections being passed on to the next person in a group to add to and continue the construction process.

The Build Together experience was launched as a beta version on December 13, with the LEGO Group stating that six initial sets would be compatible with the new feature:

60307 Wildlife Rescue Camp
60292 Town Center
60291 Family House
60302 Wildlife Rescue
10270 Bookshop
31097 Townhouse Pet Shop & Café

Whilst quite a limited selection of sets were available at launch, the LEGO Group stated that more would be added to the experience over time, as would the option for more users to work together on larger builds.

LEGO Build Together still

However, a few months later and there’s been no word on which (if any) additional sets will be compatible with Build Together or when they might be added. The LEGO Life app has had a few recent software updates, but they seem to mostly be the bug-fixing kind.

We’re really hoping that the LEGO Group will indeed continue to broaden the scope of the Build Together experience with more sets soon, as it’s a fun and different way to build with others. There certainly shouldn’t be any technical reason why every new LEGO set couldn’t feature a QR code to allow it to be part of the experience, so we’re guessing it’s just a matter of when they will be added to the initial line-up.

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