Does the Star Wars: Visions trailer reveal any potential LEGO?

A first look at the anime anthology series, Star Wars: Visions, has released and we’re asking the question that all builders are thinking. Does it reveal any potential LEGO sets?

Star Wars: Visions was announced late in 2020 as part of a flurry of reveals for upcoming shows based in the sci-fi franchise’s universe, or should that be a galaxy far, far away? Out of these, a few seemed to have some promise for future LEGO sets, and now a special look at Visions – as well as a release date – has been revealed.

You can watch the full trailer for yourself below with many of the animators and other members of the various teams working on the anthology series on hand to discuss what exactly the project is.

As you might expect, Star Wars: Visions will be a selection of independent stories telling unique, visually and thematically different tales with new characters for the franchise. While it seems unlikely that many of these will be immediately confirmed as canon by Disney, the premise itself seems similar to Marvel’s upcoming What If…? series, which has already been confirmed to be receiving two sets.


From this first look it’s not immediately clear which of the stories has the most potential for a LEGO set, but the scrap-covered droids seen within the first few seconds as well as the titular twins of the dark side show promise for minifigure designs.

One option the LEGO Group could choose for Star Wars: Visions is to forego any individual sets for the series, especially with so many more on the horizon. Instead, the characters could appear within other Star Wars models, similar to how the Camp Cretaceous cast is included in the new Jurassic World summer range.

We’ll let you know when we find out more about the future of LEGO Star Wars but it certainly seems possible that some kind of brick-built representations for Visions is on the cards, especially considering the popularity and further upcoming release of The Mandalorian models. Otherwise, Star Wars: Visions will release on September 22 on Disney+.

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