Double LEGO VIP points returns later this week

The LEGO Group’s regular double VIP points promotion returns later this week, offering the chance to double up on cashback across all purchases online and in-store.

From February 10 to 16, you’ll earn 10% cashback on everything at and in LEGO Stores when shopping as a VIP member. As usual, that will arrive in the form of VIP points, which can then be converted into discount vouchers through the VIP Rewards Centre. You can also spend your points on exclusive rewards, such as 40585 World of Wonders and 40584 Birthday Diorama.

Double VIP points events are a staple in the LEGO calendar, but predicting exactly when they’ll be live is more of an art than a science. Taking advantage of each one as it comes is a must if you want to maximise returns on your purchases, and we’re specifically referring to exclusive LEGO sets that are not available – and therefore not discounted – anywhere else.

At the moment, that includes the likes of 10294 Titanic and the newly-released 21338 A-Frame Cabin, both of which will give you a bumper helping of VIP points. Buying the 9.090-piece cruise liner will return £59 / $68 / €68 in VIP points, for instance, while the latest LEGO Ideas set will see the equivalent of £16 / $18 / €18 in points added to your VIP account.

There’s plenty more to choose from at at the moment, with the entirety of Brick Fanatics’ Top 20 LEGO Sets List in stock and available to order. And while current gift-with-purchase 40581 BIONICLE Tahu and Takua ends on February 9, we might yet see LEGO City 40582 4×4 Off-Road Ambulance Rescue available alongside double VIP points, sweetening the deal even further.

If you’re not already signed up to the LEGO Group’s loyalty program, click here for everything you need to know about double VIP points events.

You can support the work that Brick Fanatics does by taking advantage of double VIP points using our affiliate links. For a reminder when the event starts, sign up to our newsletter.

When is the next LEGO double VIP points event?

The next LEGO double VIP points event will take place from February 9 to February 16, 2023, at and in LEGO Stores.

What are LEGO double VIP points?

LEGO double VIP points events allow you to earn twice the usual cashback on purchases in the VIP program, equivalent to 10% to spend on future purchases and exclusive rewards. You’ll need to be signed up to the VIP program to take part.

What do I use LEGO VIP points for?

LEGO VIP points can be used to redeem exclusive rewards in the VIP Rewards Centre, such as 40584 Birthday Diorama and 40585 World of Wonders, or exchanged for discount vouchers on new sets. Check out the table below for the current exchange rate.

VIP DiscountUK VIP Points CostUS VIP Points CostDE VIP Points Cost
£5 / $5 / €5 800650750
£20 / $20 / €203,2002,6003,000
£50 / $50 / €508,0006,5007,500
£100 / $100 / €10016,00013,00015,000

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