Exploring the video games that inspired LEGO Digital Designer

LEGO Digital Designer wasn’t always the brick-based tool it was, with the inspiration for the software originally coming from a line of Creator games.

Bits N’ Bricks is back for another episode of the official LEGO Games podcast with hosts Ethan Vincent and Brian Crecente joined by the developers and important figures from the LEGO Creator titles, a line of video games that encompassed original and licensed themes such as Harry Potter.

One of the guests in episode 43 is Servan Keondjian, CEO of Qube Software, who shares how the LEGO Creator titles inspired the prototype of LEGO Digital Designer.

“Certain people in management at the LEGO Group knew that we had the potential to build a really good building tool, and they believed in us, said Qube Software CEO, Servan Keondjian. “But they also felt other people within the LEGO Group didn’t believe that was possible because of the work they’d done before and they hadn’t achieved it,”


“So they were on our side, and they knew that we had a chance to prove ourselves with the Creator project, and they encouraged us to go for it and we wanted to run with that. So once LEGO Creator was done, I was very keen to build a pure prototype for LEGO Digital Designer.”

The official LEGO Games podcast is now on its final season with Bits N’ Bricks delving through the back catalogue of brick-based titles, including the only one to be dedicated to a sport.

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