Fans check out flying LEGO bricks at LEGO World

New drone technology allows

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bricks to fly, and has been available for fans to try at
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World in Copenhagen.

The LEGO World event has been taking place over the weekend in Copenhagen, Denmark, and one of the hands-on activities is flying LEGO bricks. Queen’s University researchers have worked with the LEGO Group to come up with a system that allows LEGO bricks to fly.

i4u reports on how the technology works:

A novel systematic routine technology by Lego, which is a Danish company, has made the control of brick formations in midair a possibility. Once the pattern has been configured on a device, the quadcopters tend to employ computer sight to copy the pattern in an in-the-air formation that is worthy of being seen.

There are little sensors and gyroscopes in this technology that aid it in its beauty of execution. The drones can be made to move in the air in synchronicity with the handling human agents too.


The LEGO Group has a research department looking into all manner of future technological innovations that might enhance play possibilities, so this may not be the last fans see of flying LEGO bricks.


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