First confirmed details for LEGO NINJAGO 2022 season revealed

The first official details for LEGO NINJAGO’s 2022 season have been revealed, teasing a mythical aspect of the theme that will finally be explained.

In a statement announcing the future of LEGO NINJAGO’s Cole following the passing of his previous voice actor, Kirby Morrow, key specifics of the upcoming 2022 season were revealed, with a tease that Cole would be one of a few characters to be involved in the story.

“On the 18th of November 2020 we were all hit by an earthquake of epic proportions: Kirby Morrow had passed away,” wrote Tommy Andreasen. “We had concluded the writing and recordings of all episodes of Seabound at that time and were in the process of putting together the storyline for 2022 … one in which both Cole and several of the other Ninja are absolutely crucial to make a strange and mythical piece of NINJAGO math add up.”

Whilst the exact details of this mythical piece of NINJAGO were not explained, enthusiasts of the theme may have several aspects in mind for the overall narrative that have yet to be fully explained. It might be anything from the history of the 16 realms to the expanded lore of the First Spinjitzu Master that was explored further in The Island and Seabound, both of which were the 2021 chapters of the show.


We’ll know more about what the future of NINJAGO holds with a series of confirmed shorts starting in early 2022, featuring the first performance of Cole’s new voice actor, which you can learn about in our initial report.

Rumoured models for LEGO NINJAGO in 2022 suggest that the theme will feature an enemy faction of flaming snakes, possibly teasing the return of Aspheera from Secrets of The Forbidden Spinjitzu, whose minions may match that description. However, this hasn’t been confirmed by the LEGO Group.

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    the green ninja needs a girl friend who should be the kid of Moro and she should the master of wind


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