LEGO NINJAGO 2022 rumoured to include no modular models

More rumours regarding the early 2022 wave of LEGO NINJAGO sets have surfaced, suggesting that reports of a NINJAGO City add-on were false.

Promobricks have reported a list of apparent NINJAGO 2022 models, corroborating previous rumours whilst also stating that there will not be any further additions to the NINJAGO City sets, at least not early in the year.

These lists should still be treated as rumours until the LEGO Group officially announces the NINJAGO 2022 waves and any information in them should be treated with appropriate caution until then. With that said, the rumour states that NINJAGO will be trialling a new type of set, named EVO. These models will apparently represent older creations and vehicles in a smaller build that is said to still feature detail.

Also said to be continuing the story of NINJAGO is a new enemy faction of fire snakes, who are listed as using the head element found within the current Seabound and previous waves. This might be similar to the Pyro Vipers from the Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu range.

According to Promobricks, the models that were thought to be NINJAGO City modular additions are just a duo of sets that will be able to combine to form a new home base, consisting of a larger temple model and a ninja training centre.

Here’s the full list of rumoured NINJAGO early 2022 sets but remember that none are confirmed at this time:

71757 Lloyd’s Ninja Mech – 57 pieces, €9.99
71760 Jay’s Thunder Dragon EVO – 140 pieces, €19.99
71761 Zane’s Power-Up-Mech EVO– 95 pieces, €9.99
71762 Kai’s Fire Dragon EVO – 204 pieces, €29.99
71763 Lloyd’s Race Car EVO – 279 pieces, €29.99
71764 Ninja Training Centre – 524 pieces, €39.99
71765 Ultra Combo Ninja Mech – 1,104 pieces, €84.99
71766 Lloyd’s Legendary Dragon – 747 pieces, €69.99
71767 Ninja Dojo Temple – 1,394 pieces, €99.99
70688 Kai’s Spinjitzu Ninja Training – 32 pieces, €9.99
70689 Jay’s Spinjitzu Ninja Training – 32 pieces, €9.99
70690 Lloyd’s Spinjitzu Ninja Training – 25 pieces, €9.99

The current range of LEGO NINJAGO models is still available from the official online store, including the most recent addition to NINJAGO City71741 NINJAGO City Gardens (review).

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