First images of LEGO Ideas 92176 NASA Apollo Saturn V

An online retailer has revealed the first images of the upcoming LEGO Ideas re-release, 92176 NASA Apollo Saturn V.

And aside from the new set number, that’s exactly what this appears to be: a straight re-release. From the box art, nothing seems to have changed in the new version of the 1,969-piece rocket.

Alzashop published the images on its website (h/t StoneWars), giving us our first glimpse at the new packaging. The box actually does appear to have changed slightly, but only insofar as its proportions. It’s a little bit stockier, wider and flatter. Otherwise, though, it’s exactly the same as 21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V.

That means it hasn’t adopted the all-black aesthetic of this year’s 18+ sets. And the age range hasn’t changed, either: the NASA-inspired set still carries the 14+ recommendation. Had it been released for the first time this year, it’s a pretty safe bet that it would have slotted straight into the adult-focused range.

Here’s the full gallery of images for 92176 NASA Apollo Saturn V:

The original Saturn V was one of the LEGO Group’s most popular sets of all time, so it’s no surprise to see it returning to store shelves. Whether it sets a precedent for other Ideas sets remains to be seen, but there are plenty we’d love to see make a comeback.

Of course, 21309 isn’t the only LEGO Ideas set that’s about to be reissued. 21313 Ship in a Bottle is also returning as 92177 Ship in a Bottle, though we’re yet to see images of that set’s new packaging.

According to StoneWars, both sets will be released on on November 1, at their original price points. We’ll bring you more as we get it.

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