First look at LEGO Collectible Minifigures 71029 Series 21

The latest batch of Collectible Minifigures has turned up early at a store in the US, giving us a first look at 71029 Series 21 in the wild.

YouTuber just2good stumbled on a box of the collectable characters in department store Kohl’s. Series 21 pulls back from the usual mix of 16 minifigures to just 12, so the cases are consequently a little smaller. You do get three complete sets per box, though – as long as you grab an unopened one.

That unfortunately wasn’t the case for just2good, who only managed to snag the remnants of a box. He did grab another 10 separate minifigures, however, for a total of 30 – and he’s since spotlighted his find on his YouTube channel, giving us a better look at the new series.

Or the majority of the series, anyway – he didn’t manage to snag a full set, missing out on the Ladybug Girl (though he’s since grabbed it with a subsequent box). By comparison, six of his 30 minifigures were the Space Police Guy.

Hit play on the video above for a closer look at 11 of the 12 minifigures included in Series 21. And if you haven’t seen them already, you can also check out the official LEGO images, along with the final list of character names.

LEGO Collectible Minifigures 71029 Series 21 will launch on January 1. You can support the work of Brick Fanatics by ordering them using any one of our affiliate links.

Chris Wharfe

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