First look at the new LEGO Dreamzzz theme sets and characters 

Thanks to the release of four new trailers on YouTube, we’ve now got our first colourful look at the new sets and characters from the upcoming LEGO Dreamzzz theme.

The trailers show us scenes from the LEGO NINJAGO characters that are described respectively as the ‘weirdest’, ‘wonderful’, ‘peculiar’, and ‘outrageous’ dreams. The scenes range from a peaceful autumnal setting to what looks like a candy land, and even a chase that takes place in outer space.

Everything about the brief moments in each of the scenes suggests fun and whimsy, from the eclectic group of characters to the vivacity of the colours in both the background and the characters themselves. 

There seem to be a couple of major players in terms of the new characters, with two of the four teasers showing what at first looks like just a large crocodile, but on closer inspection has wheels attached to its limbs, hinting at perhaps a transformer-like figure. Adding in the animal front we’ve got plenty of colourful variety, from a huge blue bunny to a similarly sized dragon and green robot figure.


There’s also have quite a few new minifigure style humanoid figures, from an old woman driving what looks like a turtle camper van to a monkey space captain, which leads us to think that the sets may have some kind of linking storyline. The trailers end with the phrase ‘New LEGO series coming soon’, which could be a nod to a new TV series set in the Dreamzzz world. However, there’s no official confirmation on that yet.

Each of the trailers set the scene of the dream world for just a brief few moments before the scene ends, and we’re taken back to reality. Also present in all of the trailers are several members of the NINJAGO line-up, which definitely leads us to think that the new Dreamzzz theme isn’t going to necessarily be a complete stand-alone theme.

While using NINJAGO to introduce the new theme has been questioned, in terms of visuals alone the contrast of the fairly plain training grounds versus the bright dream settings really adds that extra level of the fantastical. Assuming the two themes could be linked, it looks like there could be plenty of room for crossovers.

All four of the new trailers can be viewed on the official LEGO YouTube channel, and they seem to have really given shape to what we can imagine for the potential new Dreamzzz sets and characters we’ll get in the future. So far, it’s looking like it’s going to be very creative.

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