Five classic LEGO Harry Potter sets we’d love to see reimagined for the 20th anniversary

LEGO Harry Potter is almost 20 years old, so we’ve compiled a list of some classic sets we’d love to see given the magic touch for the anniversary. 

The Wizarding World is over two decades old with the first book, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, inspiring budding witches and wizards since 1997. A short time after the first book was transformed into the blockbuster it has become, the official LEGO Harry Potter sets begun, but we don’t yet know for sure whether the LEGO Group will be celebrating the anniversary in the same way that it has done for NINJAGO and Star Wars.

Over the years, the theme has come and gone from the LEGO Group’s catalogue of categorised licenses, with the most recent revisit to the magical franchise beginning in 2018, and continuing up to today. And with another wave rumoured for later this year, we’ve found five classic sets that should be reimagined in time for the anniversary. 

5 – 4768 The Durmstrang Ship

LEGO 4768 Harry Potter Durmstrang ship

Starting off the list strong is 4768 The Durmstrang Ship, the chosen transportation for students visiting Hogwarts from the Durmstrang Institute, one of the other magical schools in the Wizarding World. 

For a modern-day interpretation, we’d hope the classic shape would be kept, with a design possibly reminiscent of 70810 MetalBeard’s Sea Cow. The minifigures could provide an updated version of the Durmstrang students that came with the original set and maybe even a minifigure of Viktor Krum in his Quidditch World Cup uniform. 

4 – 4706 Forbidden Corridor

LEGO Harry Potter 4706 Forbidden Corridor 1

A trip into the labyrinthian passageways of Hogwarts Castle is next with 4706 Forbidden Corridor forming a portion of the traps that would lead to the Philosophers Stone. Both the Devil’s Snare and Fluffy the three-headed dog were included in the set, with the latter being a unique moulded piece. 

If this were to be reimagined, the multi-level design would hopefully be kept and maybe another of the movie’s traps could be included too. Fluffy could either get a new moulded piece with detailed printing or maybe use a combination of that and a brick-built body, like other magical creatures that have been done in the modern sets. 

3 – 4712 Troll on the Loose

LEGO Harry Potter 4712 Troll on the Loose

This is another set where a LEGO magical creature was arguably the main draw. 4712 Troll on the Loose depicted the scene where Harry Potter does battle with a fierce troll to protect his friends and stop the destruction of the first-floor girls’ bathroom. 

We might not have to imagine what a modern version would look like for long as the rumoured list includes 76386 Girls’ Bathroom. Whilst nothing is confirmed, unless the LEGO Group is choosing to make a never-before-seen portion of Hogwarts, there are no other scenes that would make all that much sense for a set. However, it’s only a rumour and nothing is confirmed until the LEGO Group states otherwise. 

2 – 4720 Knockturn Alley

LEGO Harry Potter 4720 Knockturn Alley

Knockturn alley is the darker and more dubious area of Diagon Alley with several shops devoted to the dark arts of magic. It’s only received a single LEGO set before with 4720 Knockturn Alley but there’s been a recent hint that another could be on the way. 

In 75978 Diagon Alley, between the shops of the main thoroughfare, a single sign can be seen above a black-bricked archway advertising the way to Knockturn Alley. There’s an even a Technic pin jutting out the back of the set, so could a modern-day version of the seedy underbelly of the magical street be on the way? We’ll just have to wait and see.

1 – 4756 Shrieking Shack

LEGO Harry Potter 4756 Shrieking Shack

Topping our list is the abandoned abode of Hogsmeade, the nearest town to Hogwarts Castle. 4756 The Shrieking Shack portrays the snow-covered home of Remus Lupin, which he used as a safe house for when he transformed into his beastly form. 

The rumoured list of sets also includes an alleged revisit to Hogsmeade, with the only other building from the town made in LEGO being Honeydukes in 4756 The Shrieking Shack. For the 20th anniversary, the LEGO Group could design a larger set for the town that references the original set, while including more of the shops and homes from the magical location.

Remember that the list is only a rumour, and nothing is official until confirmed by the LEGO Group. Hopefully, if nothing else, any 20th anniversary LEGO Harry Potter sets would include the unique stone archway box art from the original outing for the theme.

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