Five interesting moments in LEGO DOTS’ history

LEGO DOTS’ end is in sight and to help remember this creative theme, we’ve picked out five of the most interesting moments in its history. 

As announced by the LEGO Group earlier today, DOTS is ending following the release of the March 2023 wave later this year, which will cross over with Harry Potter.  

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However, this is a good time to look back on the legacy of the theme over the past three years to commemorate some of the most interesting moments in LEGO DOTS


5 – A big GWP 

Towards the end of 2022, what would become LEGO DOTS last full year of new sets with the remaining release schedule ending in the first half of 2023, a boxed gift-with-purchase was made available. 40561 Pencil Holder was notably bigger than the theme’s previously-offered polybag promotions. 

4 – New pieces 

With arts and crafts and personalisation being at the core of LEGO DOTS, new pieces were introduced with some especially huge elements. This includes the box brick in 41925 Secret Boxes from 2021, the bag tag is 41927 Bag Tag Dog from 2021. It also debuted two kinds of bracelets in 41900 Rainbow Bracelet from 2020 and the thinner variety in 41909 Mermaid Vibes Bracelets from 2021. 

3 – Disney and Harry Potter 

Before LEGO DOTS’ end, it has also managed two major crossovers with other themes with a full Mickey and Friends range in 2022 and an upcoming Harry Potter selection. 

2 – Levi’s 

There was another LEGO DOTS crossover too with a Levi’s collaboration in 2020. It featured a variety of clothing with LEGO-compatible patches that you could use the only LEGO DOTS Levi’s set – 40438 Extra DotsLevi Jeans Confetti Bag – to decorate.  

1 – Patches 

While you could classify this section of the list as a new piece, both 41954 Adhesive Patch and 41955 Stitch-on Patch debuted the LEGO DOTS patches able to be stitched onto clothing or stuck onto a surface, expanding on the Levi’s concept by allowing you to decorate absolutely anywhere. This concept would be explored further later in 2022 with 41957 Adhesive Patches Mega Pack and 41963 Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse Stitch-on Patch too. 

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