LEGO Ideas first 2023 review has its first castle creation

It had to happen eventually, the first 2023 LEGO Ideas review has its first castle-inspired project, but with a coastal twist. 

The Medieval Seaside Market by bricks_fan_uy has joined the selection in the first 2023 review. This is the user’s first submission to reach a review stage too. As indicated by the name, it’s another castle-inspired model that recreates a coastal market and port on the edge of a castle.  

Including the 11 minifigures, 2,372 pieces have been used in the project. The LEGO Ideas proposal features a main tower, market, wagon, ship, horse, side towers and a lighthouse tower for a complete coastal Castle experience. 

Castle-centric projects have seen success in previous LEGO Ideas rounds with an alternate layout in 21305 Maze and the more recent 21325 Medieval Blacksmith. The Medieval Seaside Market joins eight other projects in the first 2023 LEGO Ideas review. 


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Every LEGO Ideas project in the first 2023 review 

Number  LEGO Ideas project  LEGO Ideas user  Date qualified  
1  Dr. Seuss and LEGO  LegoFan_506  January 2, 2023  
2  Sweet Honey  RobertVII  January 4, 2023  
3  The Botanical Garden  Goannas  January 9, 2023  
4  The Crown – A Piece of History  Piraten  January 12, 2023  
5  Stargate SG1: Embarkation Room  Starbrick_SG1  January 12, 2023  
6  Roscosmos Soyuz MS Spacecraft  Tom_Brick  January 15, 2023  
Motorized Howl’s Moving Castle ericlego321 January 16, 2023 
The Stargate Captain Mutant January 16, 2023 
Medieval Seaside Market bricks_fan_uy January 17, 2023 

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One thought on “LEGO Ideas first 2023 review has its first castle creation

  • 18/01/2023 at 19:43

    This set looks really good, most castles were on the coast or by rivers. I like that it’s partly modular. Greatly depends on the price that LEGO would charge for this set as LEGO have been what many people think they over pricing many new sets. I would buy, but depends on the price.


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