Five things we’ve spotted in the LEGO Jurassic Park 30th anniversary sets

The upcoming LEGO Jurassic Park 30th anniversary sets are packed with fan favourite movie moments and here are five we’ve spotted.

Five LEGO Jurassic Park 30th anniversary sets will be launching this summer, with 76957 Velociraptor Escape, 76958 Dilophosaurus Ambush, 76959 Triceratops Research, 75960 Brachiosaurus Discovery and 75961 Visitor Center: T. rex & Raptor Attack all arriving June 1, 2023.

Packed into the line-up of new models are multiple dinosaurs, brick-built vehicles and locations, and even a minifigure first for the franchise. As a celebration of Steven Spielberg’s movie milestone, each set also includes a number of nods to the original source material, five of which we’ve already spotted.

5 – New Brachiosaurus mould

LEGO Jurassic Park 75960 Brachiosaurus Discovery 7

75960 Brachiosaurus Discovery includes the largest dinosaur featured in the upcoming LEGO Jurassic Park 30th anniversary sets, one that was also the first such creature glimpsed in the 1993 film. This particular dino hasn’t been included in any LEGO sets to date and has a moveable head and neck, plus opening mouth for picking leaves off a nearby brick-built tree.

4 – Secret shaving cream cannister

LEGO Jurassic Park 76958 Dilophosaurus Ambush

In Jurassic Park, sneaky computer programmer Dennis Nedry attempts to smuggle valuable dinosaur embryos off the island in container disguised as a can of shaving foam. That specific item is included as an accessory in 76958 Dilophosaurus Ambush, with the movie’s ‘Barbasol’ branding appearing to have been recreated as a printed piece instead of a sticker.

3 – Which way to the docks?

LEGO Jurassic Park 76958 Dilophosaurus Ambush 6

Another subtle nod to the original Jurassic Park also appears in 76958 Dilophosaurus Ambush. A small brick-built section of scenery includes a sign directing visitors to the island’s east dock. Below the image of the location is a round LEGO element with an arrow on it, which can be rotated to confuse sneaky computer programmers…

2 – When dinosaurs ruled the Earth

75961 Visitor Center T. rex Raptor Attack

75961 Visitor Center: T. rex & Raptor Attack focuses on the climax of the movie, with a number of the film’s surviving characters surrounded by velociraptors and ultimately saved by the Park’s largest carnivore. It’s possible to fully recreate the iconic scene, with a printed ‘When dinosaurs ruled the Earth’ banner included in the interior of the location that can be removed and dropped for dramatic effect.

1 – Dino dung discovery

76959 Triceratops Research

76959 Triceratops Research contains what might be one of the most eyebrow-raising additions to any LEGO set to date, a massive pile of dinosaur poop. However, the brown pile of bricks isn’t just for show – simply remove the top of the dung pile to discover the same poisonous berries that made the poor Triceratops get rid of its most recent meal in the first place.

75961 Visitor Center: T. rex & Raptor Attack is available to pre-order right now, while the remaining LEGO Jurassic Park 30th anniversary sets will be available to purchase from June 1, 2023. For more details on the upcoming models, be sure to check out our LEGO Jurassic Park 30th anniversary sets visual tour and gallery here.

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