Five things you need to know about LEGO Art 31203 World Map

The LEGO Group’s largest set of all time is now available to order, so here’s everything you need to know about 31203 World Map.

We’ve already gone in-depth on 31203 World Map in our detailed review, but if you’re just after a quick breakdown of the stunning and stylish 11,695-piece LEGO Art set, look no further than the list below. Given this is the largest LEGO set ever released, chances are there’s at least one or two things you don’t know about the enormous mosaic.

5 – It’s ridiculously colourful

LEGO Art 31203 World Map 32

Ten colours in total make up the palette needed to complete the artwork. Of those 10, a round 1×1 tile in teal is exclusive to this set. If teal happens to be your favourite colour, you’re in luck, as there’s an impressive 1,879 of them included in the box. The complete part breakdown for the mosaic looks like this:

3,064 White 1×1 round plates
1,879 Teal 1×1 round tiles
1,607 Medium Azure 1×1 round tiles 
1,060 Lime 1×1 round tiles
725 Tan 1×1 round tiles
601 Coral 1×1 round tiles
601 Bright Green 1×1 round tiles
601 Orange 1×1 round tiles
599 Bright Orange 1×1 round tiles
393 Dark Blue 1×1 round tiles

4 – It’s completely customisable

LEGO Art 31203 World Map 19

Alternative layouts are a common feature found across the LEGO Art theme, and despite its size, 31203 World Map is no exception. The map can be reconfigured with either Europe, North and South America or Asia and Australia taking centre stage. 

Further to that, there are hundreds of spare 1×1 round tiles, which the manual encourages you to use to customise the colour and patterns of the seas and oceans. Forty 1×1 cones have also been included, used as markers to pinpoint favourite locations, dream destinations or anywhere that ‘means the world to you’.

3 – It’s big. Very big

LEGO Art 31203 World Map 3

75192 Millennium Falcon’s 7,541 pieces and 10276 Colosseum’s 9,036 elements pale in comparison to the 11,695 pieces contained within 31203 World Map. Granted, over 10,000 of those are 1×1 round plates and tiles, but opening the massive box and seeing all the contents spread out before you still makes for one of the most daunting starts to a LEGO set you’ll likely experience.

The final model then comes in at 104cm wide and 65cm wide, using 40 individual 16×16 base plates – dwarfing the rest of the LEGO Art range’s smaller grids of nine 16×16 plates.

2 – It’s very scientific

LEGO Art 31203 World Map 16

Rather than a traditional world map, the LEGO Group has based the design upon a Bathymetric map, which charts the topography of the oceans, with the darker blue colours representing the deepest parts and the lighter colours used for the shallower areas. 

1 – You’ll be in it for the long haul

LEGO Art 31203 World Map 39

As you’d expect from the largest LEGO set ever made, it’s going to take more than just a couple of hours to finish. Expect to sink between 10 to 16 hours depending on skill, speed and experience. That’s not quite 80 days needed to get around this world map – but it’s still a huge undertaking.

Enjoy taking the time, however, rather than racing to get it done, as it’s an incredibly mindful and relaxing experience (when tackled in small doses). Once finished, it’s one of the most satisfying feelings you’ll likely get from a LEGO set.

LEGO Art 31203 World Map is available to buy now. Check out our full review here, then head over to to pick up your copy. Please consider supporting the work that Brick Fanatics does by ordering using our affiliate links. Thank you!

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