Flying drone navigates through tricky LEGO obstacle course

A LEGO fan puts his drone through a three-part obstacle course made from LEGO bricks and motors.

The YouTuber, Brick Science, first built the starter challenge: Rings of Fire. Four consecutive rings, each based on the four elements, water, earth, fire and air, stand in a line and the objective is to fly neatly through them all.

The second obstacle features a spinning circle with three quarters of the inside filled in with plates, so he’d need to pilot the drone through a gap just a quarter of the size of the full ring.

The third part is a spinning platform, on which the flying machine would need to land and stay put on for a full rotation, before taking off again to complete the course.

The cherry on top of the entire route is a brick-built finish line, where the obstacle course will come to an end. You can see how Brick Science managed to do once his creation was complete by clicking on the video above. You won’t be surprised that each element took him a few attempts to get right.

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