Four more official LEGO plush minifigure characters revealed

Following the reveal of an Ewok plush minifigure, four additional characters have now been added to the official

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plush range.


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plush minifigure characters have recently appeared at both Target in the US and on , as part of what seems to be an increasingly popular subcategory. Created in partnership between the LEGO Group and the Manhattan Toy Company, all-new plush versions of Harry Potter and Star Wars minifigures have also been added to the line-up over the past few months.

As well as

now being available, the theme has just grown again, thanks to four more minifigures that have appeared on the Target and Manhattan Toy Company sites. These include Lizard Man and Chicken Suit Guy, based on the LEGO 71000 Series 9 characters, plus Brick Suit Guy and Brick Suit Girl, as seen in LEGO 71021 Series 18.

The new LEGO plush characters are currently only available directly from Target and the Manhattan Toy Company in the US, although it’s possible they may eventually be added to the official online store at some point. Lizard Man and Chicken Suit Guy are both priced at $21, whilst Brick Suit Guy and Brick Suit Girl cost $31.50 each.

Additional minifigure characters, such as holiday versions of Yoda, Chewbacca and other LEGO Star Wars characters, plus Hot Dog Guy and Shark Suit Guy CMFs and Kai and Lloyd


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plushes, can all be picked up from now.

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