Disney’s new Haunted Mansion movie pairs well with retiring LEGO set

The first trailer for Disney’s upcoming Haunted Mansion film, inspired by the theme park attraction, pairs nicely with a retiring LEGO model. 

In 2022, 40521 Mini Disney The Haunted Mansion was launched as a follow-up to 40478 Mini Disney Castle. Ahead of our March 2023 retiring sets update, the build is now scheduled to retire at the end of 2023, though this is still subject to change. 

The feature film for the Haunted Mansion will arrive on July 28, 2023 with a trailer now available to tease the scares, plot and characters, as well as the mansion itself. 

As seen in the trailer, the mansion in the movie looks similar to the Disneyland version of the attraction, which 40521 Mini Disney The Haunted Mansion is based on. 

While it does not include a Danny Devito, Owen Wilson or Tiffany Haddish minifigure, it’s a good opportunity for the LEGO Group for some crossover ahead of the upcoming film. This follows the Muppets Haunted Mansion special in 2021 as the second coincidental crossover for 40521 Mini Disney The Haunted Mansion

40521 Mini Disney The Haunted Mansion is available now with an exclusive Butler minifigure for £34.99 / $39.99 / €39.99. 

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