Is LEGO Star Wars Cloud City due to be released soon?

The LEGO Group may have hinted that LEGO Star Wars Cloud City is due to be released soon.

When LEGO Ideas team front man Hasan took to YouTube to explain why none of the recently evaluated projects would be turned into official LEGO sets, he may have hinted that Cloud City is about to be released as part of the LEGO Star Wars theme. The last time that the location from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back was part of the LEGO line up was in in 2003, as 10123 Cloud City.


Hasan tells viewers that the LEGO Ideas team cannot explain why specific projects are not approved. Instead, he shares a generic example – ‘if a project, let’s call it ‘x’, is not approved in the review because it is too similar to a product that is being developed internally, then naturally we wouldn’t be able to share that news with everyone, that ‘x’ has not been approved due to the giant new BLEEP that is coming out as it has not been officially announced yet. In fact, it may be even up to one to two years before we see that big new BLEEP on shelves so we really would not want to ruin the surprise for everyone.’

Fans should try substituting the ‘x’ for Cloud City, and see how much sense the explanation makes. None of the projects make sense as something that would be already being developed internally, except maybe the two NASA projects – but those of those are comparatively niche compared to the currently available NASA sets. The only project that could  be too similar to an in-development product – because instead of a single set it would be part of a ‘giant new’ version – is I Am Your Father, which will of course be a small section of a new Cloud City set.

Despite sharing that explanation, that clearly points to LEGO Star Wars Cloud City being released in the next few years, Hasan also mentions another reason for projects being rejected: ‘another instance could be where we couldn’t come to an agreement with a potential licence holder. This is a business conversation that is otherwise of a confidential nature.’ NASA and Star Wars are two licences that have already collaborated with the LEGO Group, suggesting that for some reason, the Gilmore Girls licence holders did not see the LEGO Group as suitable partners…


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