Kids were responsible for LEGO Avatar’s new bow element

LEGO Avatar designers revealed that two children were instrumental in the creation of the theme’s new bow element.

The second wave of LEGO Avatar sets introduced a new bow element that can fire missiles, making the associated sets just as suited for play as for display. In a recent roundtable, the designers of the sets revealed that this element actually got its origins from minds outside of the LEGO Group.

LEGO YouTuber DuckBricks summarised the reveals from the roundtable in a video on their YouTube channel, touching on how two unlikely contributors are partly responsible for the bow’s creation.

“During one of the playtesting scenarios, they had two kids who were given the set and all they did for an hour was play around with the bow,” explained DuckBricks. “They completely forgot about the brick-built models, they were so into the bow.”

This insight from the young builders played heavily into the LEGO Designers’ plans moving forward, according to DuckBricks, given the overwhelming interest in the interactive element.

The bow functions in a similar way to the flick fire mechanisms we’re used to seeing in various LEGO spaceships. It’s interesting to see how much these play sessions feed into the LEGO Group’s plans, as well as gives us an idea of who the LEGO Avatar theme is geared towards. If kids are the priority, it could also explain why the sets seem to focus on the fantastical creatures, rather than the more plot-driven elements of the movie.

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