Last chance for giant LEGO bonsai tree VIP sweepstakes

The last LEGO VIP Weekend offer is about to end on the official online store, as time is running out to win a big bonsai tree.

Following the end of VIP Weekend, Black, Friday and Cyber Monday, only two deals have managed to stick around into December, and only one was planned to last this long. While 40484 Santa’s Front Yard (review) has been made available again with qualifying orders over £170 / €170 in the UK and Europe, that deal was originally planned to end with the closing of Cyber Monday 2021.

Out of the initial offers, one deal was scheduled to still be up for grabs until now with the VIP sweepstakes for the giant LEGO Bonsai Tree model open in the VIP rewards Centre. However, those who have yet to enter will need to do so quickly as the prize draw will end today, December 11.

The prize for the contest is a 55cm tall recreation of 10281 Bonsai Tree which we reviewed in full this time last year. Entry into the sweepstakes cost 50 points each and any member can enter up to 1,000 times. For those who have 50,000 points to spare, make sure you enter before the end of the day.

The brick-built vintage camera has already sold out on the VIP Rewards Centre after managing to outlast all three shopping events.

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  • 13/12/2021 at 13:34

    Will the instructions for this ever go online??


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