Last day for LEGO Hidden Side 70432 Haunted Fairground double VIP points

Today is the final opportunity for fans to get double VIP points on LEGO Hidden Side 70432 Haunted Fairground.

Today is the final day that fans can visit and get double VIP points deal on LEGO Hidden Side 70432 Haunted Fairground. It is the largest set in the theme’s latest wave and winner of the Editor’s Choice Award at the recent London Toy Fair.

Double VIP points means that fans will get twice the rewards for buying the set as usual, so can turn those points into ‘LEGO cashback’ all the quicker.

LEGO Friends 41393 Baking Competition also earns double VIP points for the rest of the day.

Brick Fanatics reviews LEGO Hidden Side 70432 Haunted Fairground

LEGO Hidden Side 70432 Haunted Fairground

Here is the official product description:

Fans of virtual reality and video games feel at home in the amazing LEGO Hidden Side universe, where physical and digital play meet to provide an incredible, single or multiplayer augmented reality (AR) play experience. This haunted fairground (70432) ghost-hunting toy combines a buildable LEGO model with an app, so interaction with the model triggers events in a digital world.

The haunted fairground model springs to life when viewed through a smart device equipped with the LEGO Hidden Side AR app. Kids then get to explore, solve mysteries, hunt ghosts and battle boss ghost Tragico the Clown in an exciting digital world. And with a roller coaster, drop ride and five minifigures the scene is set for imaginative role-play fun!

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