More LEGO 2023 set listings surface, including Australia postcard

A collection of LEGO 2023 set listings for promotional models, including a postcard, have surfaced online following initial listings in the week. 

Brickmerge has now added listings for a collection of reported promotional models and another Creator set, adding to the listings that have recently appeared on the price comparison site. 

The listings are reported to belong to Creator, Miscellaneous and Promotional though all feature ‘40’ at the start of their set number, suggesting that they could be part of the annual range of gifts and other interesting builds offered throughout the year such as 40574 LEGO Brand Store and 40530 Jane Goodall Tribute. 

Here are the listings from brickmerge sorted into one table: 

Set namePricePiecesRelease date
40582 4WD AmbulanceTBC162February 2023
40587TBCTBCMarch 2023
40638 Heart OrnamentTBCTBCJanuary 2023
40639 Bird’s NestTBCTBCFebruary 2023
40644 PiñataTBCTBCJanuary 2023
40646 DaffodilsTBCTBCJanuary 2023
40651 Australia Postcard€14.99TBCJanuary 2023
40655 Discover Braille – French AlphabetTBCTBCTBC 2023

40561 Australia Postcard is one of the more interesting entries as so far the relatively-new postcard range has only covered cities, rather than entire countries. It could be that this is referring to Sydney but until an official reveal, we won’t know for sure. 

The LEGO Group has yet to confirm the accuracy of these listings so they should still be taken with caution until announced otherwise. We’ve summarised other reported 2023 set listings from the price comparison site here

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