LEGO Ideas 21340 Tales of the Space Age is impressively customisable 

The latest LEGO Ideas set – 21340 Tales of the Space Age – is one of the customisable entries in the theme yet, for multiple reasons. 

As the official description for the LEGO Ideas set notes, 21340 Tales of the Space Age has personalisation built-in with the stars in the purple and pink postcard ready to be rearranged to form the Ursa Major, Cepheus, Ursa Minor or Cassiopeia constellations. 

However, a new page on the official online store has detailed how you can take your customisation of the upcoming model a step further. 

Collaborating with builders across the community, additional entries to 21340 Tales of the Space Age have been devised. Oscar Gomez’ build incorporates Blacktron following the recent release of 40580 Blacktron Cruiser with the layout of this set lending itself well to microscale scenes with a bright colour palette – similar to that of Classic Space. 


Image: Oscar Gomez

Despite the size of 21340 Tales of the Space Age, Steven Laughlin demonstrates that minifigures can be incorporated into the postcards with some interesting perspectives. 

Image: Steven D Laughlin

The simple but inventive design of the 48th LEGO Ideas set lends itself well to customisation and, as one of the cheapest sets in the theme, an extra copy could be repurposed into additional postcards. Daneen McDermott showcases what’s possible using mostly parts from 21340 Tales of the Space Age, including a Disney reference. 

Image: Daneen McDermott

21340 Tales of the Space Age will be available to purchase from May 5, 2023, for VIP members (with a wider release on May 8) for £44.99 / $49.99 / €49.99.

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