LEGO and Pokémon lover proves you’ve gotta build them all

The worlds of LEGO and Pokémon have yet to mix, so some builders have taken matters into their own hands, including the trio of Sinnoh starter creatures.

Builders familiar with Pokémon Diamond and Pearl will recognise the distinct shape and colours of these creations as Empoleon, Torterra and Infernape. They come from the mind of eyemcantoeknees on Reddit who, believe it or not, uses only official parts to capture the likeness and natural elements of each Pokémon.

Even those unfamiliar with the trio will recognise the type belonging to each one including water, grass and fire with their designs faithfully recreated whilst remaining true to usual LEGO building standards. This can be seen with how structurally stable they are, such as Torterra using a sturdy Technic frame to ensure that it withstands even the most powerful attacks.

Instructional videos for making all three have been released as well, so feel free to pursue the plastic pokemon using the parts from your own collection, and maybe try and recreate the rest of Sinnoh’s digital ecosystem.


Builders have proven for some time now that LEGO bricks and Pokémon are practically made for each other, from a legendary creature that transforms into a mech to a microscale display of one of the game’s regions.

Whilst we have been treated to an official LEGO Super Mario theme, the days of brick-built Pokémon sets may be a little harder to achieve. We can only hope that the LEGO group one day aims to build them all.

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