LEGO Pick a Brick is about to get even better

The LEGO Group has confirmed the coming debut of several new LEGO elements in the LEGO Pick a Brick service.

LEGO Pick a Brick is a service that allows LEGO fans to buy loose elements directly from the LEGO Group. Accessible through, it offers a wide assortment of pieces including bricks, plates and minifigure components. Earlier this year the service has merged with the Bricks and Pieces service, which offered a slightly different selection of elements.

In short, it’s a pretty useful resource for custom builders – and now, a range of more recent elements is coming to it. A message from the LEGO Group tells us that at the end of this month, several ‘novelty’ elements will appear on LEGO Pick a Brick.

In this context, ‘novelty’ refers to a new element or a recolour of an existing one. The element retains the term ‘novelty’ for the first year of its production.

So what sort of things can we expect to see appear on the service? Parts introduced this year include the 2/3 high 1×1 brick; these have appeared in sets like 21184 The Bakery and 10305 Lion Knights’ Castle. Another example is the angled plates used in sets such as 71757 Lloyd’s Ninja Mech. These allow for angled limbs to be more easily created.

Since 2022 has seen several hundred novelty elements appear, this could mean a significant expansion of the service. Going forward, the LEGO Group’s intention is to launch novelty elements four months after their introduction – and to release new ones on a monthly basis. Highly specialised elements like printed pieces and animals may take longer to appear, however.

Finally, the warehouse that processes Pick a Brick orders has seen an increase in warehouse staff. This should serve to reduce the existing backlog of Pick a Brick orders, although it’s not clear if this will increase the turnaround of future orders. Depending on what you buy (and where you buy it from) LEGO Pick a Brick orders can take up to four weeks to arrive.

In any case, you can visit the Pick a Brick page now on to see what’s available. Be sure to check back next month if you’re keen to add some novelty elements to your collection.

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One thought on “LEGO Pick a Brick is about to get even better

  • 21/08/2022 at 16:56

    “LEGO Pick a Brick is about to get even better ” is by far the wrongest headline you could have chosen.
    To completely ruin an already bad runnning service and then slowly restarting it is neighter good nor even better.


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