LEGO Christmas Advent Calendars 2019: December 20

Door 20 is opening up on the LEGO Star Wars, Harry Potter, City and Friends advent calendars

Each year the LEGO Group releases a selection of advent calendars to count down the days until Christmas with a small build behind every window. While Star Wars, City and Friends are all back this year, Harry Potter has been introduced to the festive countdown collection for the first time.

LEGO Christmas Advent Calendars 2023 1

Day 20

Things ares festive today, with City providing a child minifigure with a snowboard. The hat piece is always welcome.

Friends is even more Christmassy, with a simple but effective candy cane that complements LEGO Creator Expert 10267 Gingerbread House (review).

That festivity is a little more subtle in Star Wars, which provides a micro Ion Cannon from the Battle of Hoth.

Harry Potter has a neat little plinth build, which presumably be part of something more. It is neat as it includes four printed tiles, one for each house.

Check back every day to see what is behind the door of each of the four LEGO Advent Calendars.

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