LEGO CITY summer 2022 listings reveal prices for 17 sets

Previous rumours for LEGO CITY can now be updated with prices thanks to listings, offering clarity on what we might expect from the theme.

Online retailer Wagner’s, who you may remember from other listings for Avatar, Star Wars, Minecraft and more, has also added potential future CITY sets to the site. Many of these were included in a previous report, though these listings suggest that the information in that rumour may have been accurate.

While it should still be taken with caution, here’s the list of possible LEGO CITY sets according to the retailer:

60331 Cruiser Stunt Bike – €7.99, 10 pieces
60332 Scorpion Stunt Bike – €7.99, 15 pieces 
60333 Bathtub Stunt Bike – €7.99, 14 pieces 
60337 Passenger Express Train – €149.99, 764 pieces 
60338 Chimpanzee Stunt Looping – €54.99, 226 pieces
60339 Stunt Show Double Loop – €139.99, 598 pieces
60340 Obstacle Stunt Challenge – €19.99, 154 pieces 
60341 Knockdown Stunt Challenge – €19.99, 117 pieces 
60342 Shark Attack Stunt Challenge – €19.99, 122 pieces 
60344 Chicken Coop – €9.99, 101 pieces 
60345 Vegetable Delivery Truck – €29.99, 310 pieces 
60346 Farm with Animals – €49.99, 230 pieces 
60347 Supermarket – €59.99, 404 pieces 
60352 LEGO CITY Advent Calendar – €24.99, 287 pieces 
60353 Animal Rescue Missions – €29.99, 246 pieces 
60354 Exploration Missions in Space – €29.99, 298 pieces 
60355 Water Police Detective Missions – €29.99, 278 pieces


From this list, it appears that Stuntz will continue to the end of 2022. With the recent introduction of the new road system in LEGO CITY, buildings such as 60330 Hospital and 60328 Beach Lifeguard Station have released. They might be joined by a mid-sized supermarket according to the retailer.

Multiple listings appear to be referring to a farm, suggesting that the subtheme will be returning soon as was rumoured. However, that report suggested that it won’t come with any goats.

Another future LEGO CITY was recently revealed on the official online store in the form of a new cargo train, including a blurry first image.

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