LEGO Days to be held at MLB franchises

Two Major League Baseball franchises will soon hold LEGO Days – the San Francisco Giants on July 30 and the Boston Red Sox on August 31, with exclusive collectables given away on both days.

The Giants’ day has a replica of their mascot Lou Seal while the Red Sox’s day features a replica player, the first 2,000 ticket-buyers receiving the limited edition figure.

Lou Seal has been the Giants’ mascot since July 1996 and takes his name from the former baseball club the San Francisco Seals, and was in 2008 named by Forbes Magazine as the best mascot in sports.

Both days will have a pre-game LEGO Build Experience and reports the Red Sox’s LEGO Day will see a master builder reveal a life-size player model, much as the Giants’ first LEGO Day, in 2015, featured a 1:1 replica of popular player Buster Posey. The Giants will unveil a second life-size model this year.

The Red Sox’s LEGO Day will be hosted at their iconic Fenway Park home, the second time Fenway has hosted a LEGO Day. The first was in August 1999 and the figure handed out that day is considered a rarity. Fenway is also less than two hours’ drive from the LEGO Group’s headquarters in the United States, in Connecticut.

Image via the Boston Red Sox

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