Full description revealed for LEGO DC 76220 Batman versus Harley Quinn

More details have been revealed for the only LEGO DC set currently confirmed for release in 2022, 76220 Batman versus Harley Quinn.

Let’s face it, it’s not a great time to be a DC fan. With the recent Warner Bros. Discovery merger, multiple upcoming projects being cancelled and no sense of a coherent plan to take on its rival, Marvel Studios, it’s clear that the comic book brand is seriously floundering.

Things are just as bleak when it comes to LEGO DC Super Heroes sets. From multiple releases spread throughout a typical year, we’re now looking at just one new item confirmed to arrive for the rest of 2022. That’s right, just one. Those fans holding out hope for a rumoured $500 Super Heroes model at some point later this year will for now have to be satisfied with a 4+ model featuring the Dark Knight Detective.

As previously revealed by Dutch retailer Otto Simon76220 Batman versus Harley Quinn is a simple 42-piece build that includes minifigures of both characters, accessories and a Batcycle. There’s not much there to excite adult collectors, but at €14.99 the set does at least offer some value for money. There’s no word on a specific release date, but it’s possible the model may arrive in September or October.

76220 Batman versus Harley Quinn 1

The Kids section of the official LEGO site has now revealed a new image of just how easy the set is to construct, with the Batcyle itself only featuring a few basic pieces. In addition, a brief description also provides a flavour of what to expect from the model:

‘Harley Quinn is up to mischief on her skateboard. Batman arrives to stop her, riding on his powerful, chunky-wheel Batcycle. The Caped Crusader launches his Batarang and the fearless skateboarder swings her mallet. What happens next in this exciting encounter? That’s up to you!’

Although many might debate the use of the word ‘exciting’, younger builders may at least get some limited enjoyment out of the model. Let’s hope that Warner Bros. Discovery manages to figure out its proposed 10-year plan for the DC Universe sooner rather than later and that the LEGO Group reflects the brand’s next steps with a range of sets to suit fans of all ages.

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