LEGO Ideas fans aren’t happy with the Dungeons & Dragons finalists

The LEGO Ideas Dungeons & Dragons contest has progressed to the public vote, but many fans aren’t happy with the finalists left in the running.

Just five models from a total 621 entries have made the cut for the fan vote, which will ultimately see one produced as an official LEGO set. The overall winner won’t be determined by the poll, however: instead, the LEGO Ideas Review Board will decide which submission gets the green light. But that’s not the part of the process that’s causing frustration among fans.

As borne out in a series of irate comments on the latest LEGO Ideas blog post, it’s the five potential sets chosen for the fan vote that the community seemingly isn’t happy with. One user, for instance, has chastised the platform’s opaque decision-making process: “So many obviously top choices and you picked none of them. No offence to the people who were chosen – but as we continue to see, not a lot of transparency in LEGO Ideas.”

Another chimed in: “I would really like to know the criteria they used to select finalists for these things. Complexity/simplicity? Brick count? Which house Aquarius was in when submitted? Just so we know going forward what they are actually looking for.” These aren’t just one-off examples, either: others have called out the finalists as ‘disappointing’, ‘chaotic’ and ‘the weirdest selection they could have made’.

Among those five finalists are arguably just one model that could easily be incorporated into a D&D campaign, in tcompton1234’s dice tower. Shaddowtoa’s Xanathar, The Beholder can apparently be used as dice storage, while farmfarm’s Transforming Mimic does incorporate cool functionality, but Dragon’s Keep: Journey’s End and The Monster Manual are purely display items.

Ideas user Atalvyr perhaps best sums up the mood around the finalists: “I was hoping for a nice big dragon (especially the gold one). Just a big, clean model to put up on the wall. These are all very high in detail, but hard to ‘read’ at a distance.” Son of the Bricks added: “They won’t resonate with D&D players, only LEGO collectors.”

It’s probably worth pointing out that a least a couple of the commenters casting shade on the selections had entries that didn’t get picked for the fan vote – but not all of them. Click here for a closer look at the finalists, and head here to vote for your favourite. The poll will remain open through December 12.

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One thought on “LEGO Ideas fans aren’t happy with the Dungeons & Dragons finalists

  • 29/11/2022 at 14:41

    Some of these builds are very nice, the Dragon’s Keep being my favourite of these, but somehow… I expected something more exciting for this fantastical theme.
    Is there a place where you can easily find the submissions that did not make the cut? (sorry for the newb question).

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