LEGO Friends redesign offers new possibilities outside of the theme

LEGO Friends will soon offer a diverse range of mini-dolls, which could usher in a new range of minifigure possibilities.

While LEGO Friends mini-dolls look quite different to minifigures, they are compatible in one key way: through the hairpieces. You can use LEGO Friends hairpieces on LEGO minifigures, so the wider range of choices coming in the theme’s refresh could broaden your horizons outside of the theme.

The LEGO Friends relaunch is queued up for 2023 and will include five girls and three boys in the next generation of characters. The emphasis for these mini-dolls is on diversity, with a number of new hairstyles and skin colours between them. While the skin colour of the mini-dolls will be exclusive to LEGO Friends sets, if you get your hands on any of the new mini-dolls, you’ll be able to repurpose any of the hairpieces in your own creations.

LEGO Friends

With new hairstyles ranging from long brown waves to short blonde spikes, there’s plenty to choose from, with much more diversity than you’d get on your average minifigure.

To match the new range of mini-dolls, the LEGO Group plans to release wider Friends Universe content to flesh out their detailed backstories. Learn more about the future vision for the theme here.

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