LEGO Hedwig has killer dance moves, actually

Does your LEGO 75979 Hedwig just flap its wings normally, like the basic bird that it is? Well, you might want to fix that, because the Harry Potter owl actually has some killer dance moves. All you need to do is build her wrong.

That’s exactly what one redditor’s son did, and the results were everything you could hope for. Instead of flapping in tandem, Hedwig’s feathery appendages instead flapped in opposing directions, giving the impression that she is in fact boogying down.

Click through to reddit to see the LEGO owl in action. According to the original poster, their son assembled Hedwig “wrong”. We’d have to agree with the majority of the commenters, though, in that it’s actually very, very right.

LEGO Hedwig dancing

You can read our full (and emphatic) review of 75979 Hedwig here. Even without taking into account this happy accident, it’s “an intelligently-designed, cleverly crafted LEGO set” (so writes Rob).

And, of course, you can buy your own copy of 75979 Hedwig – if you don’t have one already – from It’s available right now, along with the rest of this summer’s Harry Potter wave. That includes the delectable 75978 Diagon Alley, which is currently third on Brick Fanatics’ Top 20 LEGO Sets List.

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