LEGO inspires designer jewellery collection

A jewellery designer is launching a new line inspired by classic LEGO bricks.

Nadine Ghosn, a frequent designer of quirky and unique jewellery, has revealed her latest collection, with stones similar to a familiar set of colourful bricks.

The ‘Building Blocks’ collection features rings with a cut stone or other design shaped to look like a four-stud LEGO brick. One of the rings in the collection can even be stacked with others of the same type. Now where have we heard that concept before?

“Although the collection concept was clear to me from the onset, it took two years to materialise, from digesting the components and perfecting the concepts to working closely and carefully with craftsmen refining the precious materials used,” said Nadine Ghosn on Instagram.

This new collection is by no means a collaboration with the designer. However, should you wish to get one of these luxurious rings for yourself, prices range between $4,480 to $23,380. What a shame they don’t come with VIP points.

The LEGO Group has inspired and partnered with many other artists in the past, including BABY ALEX LOVE, Levi’s and Adidas. At this point, it’s entirely possible to make quite the stylish outfit inspired by LEGO bricks.

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