LEGO MASTERS USA final builds at LEGOLAND California

The builds from the LEGO MASTERS USA finale are on display at LEGOLAND California Resort.

Just a few months ago, three pairs of builders arrived in the finale of LEGO MASTERS USA, competing for a $100,000 prize. After seven gruelling weeks, they had to build a show-stopping masterpiece, with all three teams building very different models.

While it was Tyler and Amy’s fantasy scene that came out on top, all three final builds are now on display at LEGOLAND California Resort, the Brick Fan reports. The models can be found in the Big Shop, which is open to the public despite the rest of the theme park still being closed.

Boone and Mark’s Artopia, depciting minifigures turning a dereleict building into a creative wonderland, and Sam and Jessica Ragzy Ewud’s the Peacock and the Monkey, showing a monkey cheekily removing a peacock’s feather, are also on show for people to enjoy in person.

Noise about a second season of LEGO MASTERS USA has been positive, with Fox planning for it and host Will Arnett keen to return to the LEGO-filled studio.

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