LEGO MASTERS USA tote bag promotion rumoured

There may be the opportunity to get a free LEGO MASTERS USA tote bag at the LEGO Store happening soon to promote the television show.

Recently, the LEGO Group announced that plastic bags will be completely phased out of LEGO Stores and replaced by paper bags. To coincide with the changeover, the Brick Fan reports that a promotion is rumoured to be coming to tie into LEGO MASTERS USA. Fans spending a certain amount in the LEGO Store will get a free re-usable bag featuring the television show’s logo.

It is likely that this promotion is for the USA only, as that is where the series will be airing, with no new UK series coming to screens this year.

The new paper bags are made from 100% Forest Stewardship Council certified paper and are fully recyclable. Steps have already been taken elsewhere to reach the LEGO Group’s pledge to make packaging fully sustainable by 2025; plastic blister bubbles are now made from recycled plastic, US boxes now explains how to recycle the packaging and advent calendar plastic trays have been replaced with recyclable paper-pulp trays.

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