LEGO Model Designer reveals key skills for professional builders

A LEGO Model Designer has revealed what skills you need to become a professional LEGO builder.

In an interview with Merlin Entertainments on LinkedIn, Brenden Atkinson, a LEGO Model Designer at the LEGO Model Shop in Florida offered some insights into what it’s like to do his job, as well as some tips for anyone who dreams of one day getting paid for their brick-building skills.

Having worked as a Model Builder and then a Model Designer for six years now, Atkinson knows the ins and outs of what it takes to be a professional LEGO expert.

“You good at puzzles? Perhaps you’ve got a creative eye? Then this could be the job for you!” Atkinson said when asked what skills you would need to work there. “Though other skill sets come into play such as organisation, playing well with others, and Excel Skills.”

However, anyone thinking about taking on the role should be aware of some downsides. Atkinson acknowledges that there are some slightly more boring sides to the role that still need to get done as well.

“For such a fun and unique job, there’s always the dreaded paperwork!” he admits. “What’s more challenging than having fun playing with LEGO bricks only to have to stop and do paperwork?!”

If that hasn’t put you off, there are jobs available in LEGO-related roles across Merlin Entertainments in Florida in the USA, Johor in Malaysia, and Windsor in the UK, including LEGO Model Designer, LEGO Model Builder, Senior LEGO Model Designer, Tech Designer, and Brickstock Associate. Who knows, your dream role could be just around the corner!

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