LEGO museum model is just a few pieces short

To complete the construction of a LEGO model of The Black and White House Museum, the builder is seeking the final elements needed.

LEGO builder Shona Ashton has taken to local press and social media to source parts to finish off a special project she is working on. She is building a model of The Black and White House Museum, Hereford, UK as a key part of the venue’s upcoming LEGO Brick History Exhibition.

It is a Hereford landmark, with the building dating back to 1621, when it was a residence and butcher’s shop. On March 16, the museum will launch the LEGO Brick History Exhibition, which Shona’s model will be a key part of. “I’m really close to finishing it, but I now need specific types of bricks and pieces, and I’m hoping people will have them at homes and can donate them,” she told the Hereford Times.

LEGO Black and White Museum

“This has been a fantastic project to work on, so I’m very excited about completing it. I started the entire process by first walking around the museum and taking lots of photos, which I then used to create a digital plan of the entire building on a computer aided design software. I’ve been using this plan as the guide to building the model.”

The new university NMiTE, where Shona is a designer, has partnered with Herefordshire Council to put the exhibit together. Other models will include DNA and the Big Bang, Mozart, Martin Luther King and mobile phones.

Shona has shared the pieces she is looking for on Twitter, where people can reach out to her to help complete the model.

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