LEGO promises big changes to the VIP system

The LEGO Group says it’s planning big changes to the current VIP system, including removing the need to apply codes for vouchers and rewards.

At the moment, spending your loyalty points on anything in the VIP Rewards Centre – whether it’s a voucher to spend online or in-store, or a physical or digital reward like art prints or LEGOLAND tickets – requires redeeming them for a code, which can then be applied during your next purchase.

It’s a much more convoluted system than the one that was in place prior to the program’s overhaul in 2019, which simply allowed fans to automatically spend VIP points on discounts while shopping. But during a recent call with LEGO Ambassadors, Global VIP Program Director Jason Whiting explained that the change was a necessary evil in switching to the new rewards system – and it isn’t permanent.

LEGO VIP refresh featured

According to Jason, the code system was simply a ‘hurdle that had to be put in place’ in order to get the VIP Rewards Centre up and running. And the VIP team’s intent is apparently to end up with a ‘more fluid system where you don’t have to copy and paste codes… and they can be automatically applied to your account’.

While that hopefully means you won’t have to apply codes at checkout, it does sound like you’ll still have to redeem them in the VIP Rewards Centre first, requiring just a little forward planning if you’re hoping to spend discount vouchers in-store. But that’s still more agreeable than having to dig out the code while you’re standing at the till.

At the moment, moving to that simplified system is part of a wider backlog of changes the LEGO Group’s IT staff are working on, so there’s no current timeline for when we can expect to see it implemented, but we’ll keep you updated.

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