LEGO reportedly reacts to price rises in 2022

The LEGO Group has reportedly reacted to rumours that prices of some of its sets will rise in Europe in January 2022.

Edit: This story has been updated to reflect an upcoming official statement from the LEGO Group on the matter. Further edit: The official statement has now been published here.

Earlier this week, StoneWars reported that at least 27 sets – including 75255 Yoda, 31109 Pirate Ship and 76191 Infinity Gauntlet – will face price increases of up to 20% in Germany in the new year. The fan blog has now shared a statement supposedly provided by the LEGO Group, confirming that it’s planning to adjust prices not only in Germany, but throughout Western Europe.

“For us as a LEGO Group, it is important to offer continuity and transparency to our consumers and trading partners,” the statement (translated by Safari) reads. “We are changing our price recommendations throughout the Western Europe region to ensure that we keep this promise.

“The prices we communicate to our retail partners are recommended retail prices (MSRP) – the final retail prices are at the sole discretion of the dealer. For the German-speaking world, this means a higher recommended price for some sets, but also a reduction for other products.”

LEGO Star Wars 75255 Yoda featured

While the company apparently hasn’t clarified precisely which sets will face price hikes or reductions, you can find StoneWars’ original list of the 27 products reportedly receiving increases – which spans themes including Star Wars, Marvel, Friends, Minecraft, Technic and more – by clicking here.

At the moment, the price of sets between different Western European countries is often sporadic, even where they share a unified currency (the Euro). 75255 Yoda, for instance, currently retails for €99.99 in Germany, Austria and Belgium, but costs €109.99 in France and €114.99 in Spain. The LEGO Group’s reference to ‘continuity’ suggests it’s therefore planning to more closely align prices throughout Western Europe.

However, according to the original list, the price of 75255 Yoda in Germany will actually increase to €119.99 – higher than either France or Spain. If the company is aiming for a unified price between Euro countries, we could see a price rise across the board to bring everything up to that same level.

The statement’s reference to the ‘German-speaking world’ suggests these price adjustments won’t be exclusive to regions that use the Euro, however: Switzerland also has a German-language option on, for example, but uses the Swiss Franc. Western European countries that use alternative currencies – such as Denmark or the UK – could therefore also face similar price increases and reductions.

We’ve reached out separately to the LEGO Group for more information on changes in wider markets.

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    Thank God! I was hoping to pay even more for my already expensive for what they are sets! Phew!


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